Clinical Trials

Laser Interstitial Thermal Therapy (LITT) for Canine Glioma

We are currently recruiting dogs for a pilot trial evaluating LITT for the treatment of dogs with gliomas within the brain.  This technology destroys tumor tissue using a thin laser probe that is placed into the tumor with image-guidance.  The tumor tissue is heated while temperatures are continuously monitored in an MRI suite to maximize tumor death while preserving normal brain tissue.

This technology is licensed for use in humans and is available at a number of hospitals worldwide although our facility is the only one dedicated to canine treatment.  Aims of the study are to evaluate the efficacy of LITT for treatment of glioma in dogs and to assess the immune response to this therapy.

This trial is made possible by a collaboration with Dr. Peter Fecci at Duke University as well as industry partners Brainlab, Monteris Medical and ThermoFisher.

Inclusion criteria for the trial are listed below.  If you have a patient or a pet that might be eligible for this trial, please contact us at

Inclusion Criteria

  1. Suspected glioma based on brain imaging (single mass)
  2. Good performance status
  3. Absence of other serious medical problems